Anonymous said: What do you recommend a girl with brown hair and tan skin dye her tips?

Purple would be really cute. or red or maybe blue but it’s really up to you (hey, that rhymed) ^_^

but if you have dark brown hair like me you will probably have to bleach your tips! :)

hope this helped!

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icepail-deactivated said: What would you advise doing to your hair to add more volume? I have a hard time using sprays and mousses because instead of giving my hair more volume, they just weigh it down. Any tips? Thanks.

I use a little bit (not too much!) Dove body & lift volumizing mousse or either I spray Pantene volume root lifter gel on my roots and I use a good size barrel brush like this one:

and blow dry ur hair upside down. and you could also tease/back comb ur hair :) hope this helped!

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bongz-and-bodymods said: my hair is curently black with turquise and purple under the bangs / taking up most of the bang want to dye it half black half red or half black half pink help

That sounds really cool :) Either one would be great. It just depends on ur style. If you are more on the girly side than black and pink. But since you will have to bleach ur (if you have darker hair like me you’ll have to bleach it to get the pink or red that you would like) but you probably already know that from what ur hair colors are now though. I hope that helped! :D

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xxbrutalvocalsxx said: follow me (: i like your blog

thanks :D i like urs too and sure

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